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In my opinion, dogs make perfect house pets. I prefer to be independent when I travel and too choose the books I want to read myself instead of waiting for them to be translated. Text 2 TV plays a big role in the life of some people. Conclusion A To sum up, I believe that television should continue to play a role in education. Furthermore, when teenagers earn their own money, they are usually more careful when deciding how to spend it. They use less fuel and need fewer expensive repairs. Look at the screen and listen to me very carefully discuss the presentation Comment on the following statement: Television р lays an important role in everyday life. Give other people's arguments and explain why they are wrong. Nevertheless , lots of disbelievers argue that computers will not replace printed books because a printed book is better for human eyes than a computer screen. РАЗВИВАЮЩИЕ: 1 Урок направлен на развитие творческих способностей учащихся 2 Развитие интереса к изучаемому предмету 3. Text 2 TV plays a big role in the life of some people. В книге изложены основные сведения о принципах построения схем на приборах тлеющего разряда: тиратронах, декатронах, цифровых индикаторных лампах. What is more, many people consider smoking as a way of relaxing and a good supplement for communication. I have a different point of view. A On the other hand, dogs need a lot of attention. So children watch everything that is on. Taking holidays of this kind should be carefully considered, because they are not for the faint-hearted! Smoking harms nearly every organ of the body. Put the linking words into the right column However, Finally, in spite of the, On the other hand, firstly, What is more, Moreover, In addition, Secondly In conclusion, To my mind, It seems to me that, To sum up, All in all, to list points of view to add more points to express your opinion to contrast opinions to conclude 23. Of course we will have to pay for electricity but I think it will be cheaper than to pay for printed books, which are very expensive nowadays. They watch films for grown-ups and see a lot of violence and cruelty. Описание слайда: Introduction… 1 Did you ever dream of becoming a doctor when you were young?

Although it can be a very rewarding career, being a doctor also has its drawbacks.

Цымбал Издательство: Энергия Год издания: 1968 Страниц: 86 Формат: DJVU Размер: 1,16 МБ Качество: Хорошее, 400дпи, цветная обложка. The question is, does being a vegetarian have a positive or negative effect on one's health? Its one of the most important inventions of the 20 th century. Закрепление и расширение лексических навыков по теме « Social problems. An employer expects you to do your job well, and when someone depends on you, you feel a sense of responsibility. There are both advantages and disadvantages of such a solution. To solve the problem is often suggested to ban smoking officially. On the other hand, some say that bikes are undoubtedly useful for our health, I can not agree with it completely as there are a lot of road accidents where cyclists are injured. Even though many people feel good about smoking and never admit that smoking is bad for health, it is necessary to point out that people do waste a lot of money on smoking which could be used for a good purpose. C In conclusion, I feel that vegetarians could suffer from health problems if they do not have a healthy, nutritious diet.

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However, I disagree with this opinion because modern computer screens emit no radiation and allow us to read even in low light conditions, so they are even less harmful than books.
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C First of all, dogs make wonderful companions.

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